Wind Tattoo

Tattooing is the magic piece that connected all of life's dots for me, I have been tattooing part time for about 4 years now whilst spending time with some of Melbournes best tattooists whilst they do their thing within the St Kilda Ink Tattoo Studio that I am thankful to have been a major part of. I have learned an incredible amount from the artists around me and despite life's setbacks I push on with this craft, to give people memorable artwork that best reflects them whilst continuously applying skills and new experiences to attempt to perfect my craft.

I would love to hear from new clients that;

Have a rough idea of what they want the tattoo to look like.


Have a bit of a story to go with the tattoo, but would like to maybe hide it within the symbolism of different images.


I am a little hard to get a hold with all of my other going on's with life being as busy as it is and therefore simply cannot draw things up for clients without a deposit, mates rates and such still apply and ongoing work means we will be spending time together so we will likely become mates even if we aren't yet. 

I just want something down so I know you'll turn up before I put hours of unpaid work into a design, if you don't like the design, I will attempt to rectify, and if we cant come to an agreement, I will refund it and recommend you to the artist I think you are looking for.

Tattoo's are just cool as fek, they're like cave paintings, but for your skin. You will get to wear them as a badge of honor over your burdens in life, and if you do them right, only the people you want to know will know what those badges mean.

I, like many others but unfortunately not all, treat Tattooing with respect, we pay tribute to the skilled that walked before us and continiously attempt to perfect our craft, to make them last as cleanly as possible for decades to come, they may not be perfect in 30 years time but neither will we, and that to me is ok, to be honest if your a decent person, hopefully I will still be slinging ink for ya and there will have been plenty of great experiences in between.



wankel rotory tattoo

Discount Flash

I've drawn it for no reason other than I would like to tattoo it so I will happily tattoo these at discounted rates!

It's addictive.

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