Wind Tattoo

Tattooing is a passion of mine, to see an image that tells the story about the wearer, come to life right before my eyes is a joy I don't think I will ever let go of.

To mark human skin with an image, one that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives, an image that likely tells a story of a trial the soul went through on a chapter of its course. This holds some meaning to it, in a special sort of way.

I've been tattooing for a few years now, I was lucky enough to find myself around a great bunch of artists all the time and have been fortunate enough to be able to teach each other different techniques along the way, I take my cues from a whole range of styles, not quite strictly limited to the tattoo world, I try to take into account the clients personality and design according to these cues therefore I can not claim to be an Old-School artist or a Dotwork artist or whatever other category I can think of, I merely design to what I think would suit the wearer best. A

A tattoo itself can paint a whole picture about the personality of the wearer and will do for the rest of their lives, so let's take a minute to figure out what you want the image to say, somethings hold meaning to the wearer but would prefer it to not say anything about the wearer, some people just want things to look good, either one is a good enough reason to get tattooed but lets figure out what we're trying to say first.

I love tattooing because..

You can't be the best at this game, I believe that is where my passion stems from, you continue to better yourself always competing with yourself, whilst being around a bunch of other great artists who are also commited to bettering themselves. Spending time with great people, having a chat about whatever the vibe in the shop is on.

typically it stems from the meaning of the tattoo in the first place and goes from there, once it's all said and done, hopefully the client has everything they dreamed of plus more and hopefully I've created a client who will return for more the next time they feel the need to ink, the returning client is the one you illustrate the book with.


It's addictive.

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