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Creative Mind.

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What is this? I will tell you that it is all a bit of an experiment really. I am curious to see where this trip called life really goes, now that I see how far it already has taken me. […]

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NZ Nationals 4 & rotary Auckland Nz

Good timing meant that I was lucky enough to be in New Zealand this year at the same time as the Auckland heat of the NZ 4 nad Rotor nationals. I missed out on it in 2017 but 2018, with […]

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Speedbuild I – False Floor Car Audio Boot Install

Car Audio False Floor Subwoofer Install

This car audio boot install was completed after what seemed to be one of the worst weeks I had in a while, I was beginning to get a little frustrated with the amount of crap I had to cart around […]

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Youtube Premiere

Youtube seems to be the way to go, with video sharing completely soaring it is one of the best ways a person can relay the information they want to send out to the world online, I am no video editor […]

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