Hey guys, the last website contained quite a few bugs I deleted it and started from scratch, I want to rebuild the page completely from scratch but for now I will be just leaving a basic skeleton site up whilst I handcrafft one, I will endevour to continue to update this so it reads a little better so please check back from time to time see how its going!


just getting rid of the template shit that comes with the hosting, i will change everything soon, just need to find the issue with the site first sorry for the poor display currently


Freelance artist, Tattooer and total closet nerd, trying to make it in the stream game.

I had an interest in learning video editing and stumbled upon this whole live broadcasting thing and was hooked, I get to geek out and hone my skills, join me on this adventure by hitting that follow button,

I spend alot of the time on the computer designing everything from those little emojis & general graphic design right through to tattoo sleeves and if I can share moments of it with you, share ideas, maybe collaborate, or even just have a game together, Im down.

Working towards being able to stream my design stuff as much as possible but for now I will be streaming a heavy dose of video games as I learn my way around this streaming thing, get in as an early supporter of mine and I will be forever grateful to you!

Peace & Positivity, except in video games, then, kill em all!


At the moment my tattoo books are closed as I am working on a new private studio with some fairly unique qualities about it, I will attempt to get a build thread up asap to keep u posted

other design enquiries can be mailed to contact@wfdnelson.com