Studio 2 by Soak Garage

“If I was to ever open up a second tattoo studio it would have to be a little different”

I have always had a interest for cars and car culture not to mention my love of seeing new places via a road trip with good company, I constantly find myself packing my pens and pencils into a car and driving off into the sunset where I can just scribble away at whatever project I am currently working on whilst having nature and the scenery surrounding me.

Noticing this joy I wondered if I could somehow¬†take my show on the road, I looked into the most flash¬†kits that would allow me to travel but these all seemed, a little “plane over to the guest spot” orientated. Not quite what I was after.

I really wanted more of the traveling circus kind of vibe ,with out the circus, where if I felt like it, I could continue with my journey and I could set up camp and tattoo friends, new or old, with nature just outside the window.

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