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Art & Design

Keeping such an artistic career on the wheels means I am always creating.

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Tattoo Appointments


I prefer to tattoo things that have a bit of a back story, reserving myself to a limited amount of clients at any one time, taking into account the clients personality and designing one off pieces specifically for them.

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I want to hear from you, can I help with something? something you'd like to know or see? Constructive critiscm or for whatever reason please feel free to fill out that contact form and I will do my best to respond asap.


Melbourne - Aus


Melbourne based Creative

A former plumber with a passion for art, I took the plunge into tattoo art and brought my self-taught skills graphic & web design into a world that offered me the freedom to be myself. Attempting to use myself as a guinea pig on user experience I do my best to show case all of the different things I do in life here, if you see something you like or something you would like to see more of, I'd love to hear it.